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The benefits of digital assets and how MetaMorph can help

Blockchain technology enables individuals, communities and organizations to create unique digital assets for a wide variety of use cases, from loyalty points to fractionalized real estate.

Create your very own ERC-20 Ethereum based utility token for use in non-financial and personal projects, such as membership sites, games with an in-game economy or as rewards and loyalty points etc.
Perfect for charities, non-profit organizations and communities who want to offer decentralized access to services in a specific ecosystem, verifiable voting rights, transparent fundraising and many more scenarios.
For businesses looking to offer access to traditional assets on the blockchain, such as equity, derivatives, debt and real estate as well as other assets that classify as a security and which are subject to regulations.
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Benefits of digital assets

There are many benefits of digital assets, here are just a few of them.


Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain for everyone to see at any time, using the publicly available online Ethereum ledger.


Transactions on the Ethereum blockchain costs only a few cents, compared to the high fees associated with traditional transactions.


Transactions processed on the Ethereum blockchain takes just minutes or even seconds, not hours or days.


Everything is recorded on the blockchain and becomes unchangeable, decentralized and is kept safe from hackers.

Legal compliance

For security tokens, MetaMorph and ensures that tokens issued by clients are legally compliant using the R-METM token standard.

Always available

Access to tokens, trading and management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

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The R-METM Token Standard

Metamorph is making fast strides enabling decentralized regulated technology and the R-METM token standard is an important step towards this. The new token contract standard was created by the MetaMorph team and can be deployed via our token creation platform. During deployment a regulator/relevant licence holder/compliance officer is assigned to the token contract in accordance with the traditional regulated asset it represents.

Fully compliant, partnering with legal experts

NXT.Legal are providing legal and compliance consulting to enable MetaMorph and the Regulated token creation platform to allow traditional regulated assets to trade on the platform via Regulated-METM, the new regulated token standard

Utility tokens

The utility tokens are issued using the ERC-20 token standard and the OpenZeppelin framework, which has undergone thorough security checks and audits by multiple third parties. Users can add extra features such as minting of new tokens and the ability to burn tokens, to their new token that act as extra instruments to regulate their new token economy.

The ERC-20 utility token issued is compatible with existing ERC-20 wallets and exchanges that support trading of ERC-20 tokens. The tokens are also eligible to be listed on the MetaMorph.Pro exchange against the METM, wETH and wBTC pairs for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system with built-in smart contract functionality. The Ethereum blockchain is a dezentralized ledger that is transparent, immutable, fast and cost-effective for transactions.

What is Metamask?

The MetaMask Web3 wallet is a web extension available for the most popular browsers and which acts as a bridge between the browser and the Ethereum blockchain. The plug-and-play functionality makes creating a wallet or importing an existing wallet very simple and users are guided through both processes. Visit today and create a new wallet or import your existing wallet!

What is Metamorph?

MetaMorph.Pro is a decentralized exchange where users can trade directly from their wallets using the 0x Protocol. MetaMorph.Pro is also a Token Creation Platform where individuals and businesses can issue both utility and security tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is METM?

The METM token is a utility token created by MetaMorph.Pro to be used on the MetaMorph.Pro exchange to reduce trading fees and used as payment for issuers on the MetaMorph.Pro Token Creation Platform. The METM token contract address is 0xFEF3884b603C33EF8eD4183346E093A173C94da6 and the token has 18 decimals.

What is the R-METM Token Standard?

The R-METM token standard is a security standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The issuance of a security using the R-METM token standard begins after issuer obtains the appropriate securities issuance license(s) advised by the legal team. The issuer can then mint the required tokens that represent the security and issue the new tokens on the blockchain.

One aspect of security tokens is the proper issuance. Another is the actual trading of the securities. The R-METM token standard is eligible to be traded using the 0x Protocol which has a built-in whitelist register of Ethereum addresses that comply with the regulatory checks required to trade securities. This is also an instrument for regulators who can pause all trades by removing the addresses from the list and add them again to resume trading. This built-in control mechanism ensures that market participants are whitelisted and that they are eligible to trade securities, having already gone through the whitelisting process which includes KYC, AML and other required verification processes.

Who manages the legal aspects?

NXT.Legal are providing legal and compliance consulting to enable MetaMorph and the Regulated token creation platform to allow traditional regulated assets to traded on the platform via Regulated-METM (R-METM), the new regulated token standard.

Why should I create a token?

Use cases for utility tokens include access tokens which gives the holder the right to enter and use the services in a specific ecosystem, verifiable voting rights, transparent fundraising and many more. Use cases for security tokens include representation of traditional assets such as equity, derivatives, debt, real estate and many more.

What are Utility Tokens?

Security tokens are cryptocurrency tokens that represent ownership of traditional securities such as equity and real estate and which grants holders the same legal benefits as they comply with security laws.

Are the issued tokens eligible to be listed on the exchange?

Yes! After legal counsel and advice, the issued token can be listed on the MetaMorph.Pro Exchange for an additional fee. We reserve the right to refuse listings based on the legal compliance issued for the token and the respective jurisdiction.

How do I get in touch with

If you have further questions, you can get in touch with the MetaMorph.Pro team by using the chat on this page or by filling out the form located in the footer. You can also send an e-mail directly to

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