Utility Token

Create an ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain for use in project(s) as a means of currency or to raise capital among many other use-cases. The token is also listed for trading on the MetaMorph Pro Exchange.

Processing timeInstant
RegulatedN/A *
Creation Fee0 METM (~ $0)
Token ListingIncluded (MetaMorph.pro)

Create Utility Token

* Subject to Regulated-METM (R-METM) Token Standard if legal opinion is required

What are utility tokens?

Security Token

This is the ideal solution for businesses looking to create a regulated cryptocurrency security token on the Ethereum blockchain. We connect you with legal experts to ensure complete compliance in your desired juristictions.

Processing time14-30 days
TypeERC-20 / R-METM
Reservation Fee0 METM (~ $0)
Token ListingOptional

Reserve Security Token

* Uses Regulated-METM (R-METM) Token Standard

What are security tokens?

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